Supporter+ SVT

10.00 USD

Package Description

Listed below are the perks you are granted this package includes all perks from "Supporter SVT".


Trails is a bunch of particle effects that will follow you around. Using "/trails" will prompt you with a GUI for all the types of trails. There are 4 different types of trails ; Particle Trails, Block Trails, Wing Builder and Rain Trails. A new addition to the rain trails is that you can build your own combination of particles!


Summon any of the available pets and rename them.  As well as mount and put them on your head. To see all the option do "/pets"

Dynmap Base Marker

With the implementation of dynmap, we have come up with this perk. This package gets one maker in dynmap containing your name or base name at your base. Contact a dev/owner where you want it to be placed.

NEW! Chairs

   Right click any carpet, slab, or stair. With added ability to right click players to ride them.

   /sit - sit | /lay - lay on a block | /crawl - crawl in place | /sit toggle - toggle on or off sit with right click | /sit playertoggle

NEW! Disguise (Animals)

Disguise yourself as any animal mob in the game.  Simply do "/disg <mob name>" and you will turn yourself into that mob. Only other people can see though. (It does have your name on top of your head still)