Supporter VT & SVT

7.00 USD

Package Description

With this package you are granted the following on both Vanilla Tyme and Semi-Vanilla Tyme:

Unlimited Night Vision 

To enable this perk you must type in "/nv". Disclaimer! Every time you die you have to enable it again.

Chat Color

To use chat color you must type "/chat color". Once the the command is sent you will be prompted with a GUI, select whichever color you'd like you messages to look like.

Creative Server

We have added a creative server only accessible to Supporters. In this server you can build at your own free will. We ask that if you build at your base location. You have access to "/tp". Example: "/tp 100 70 100" teleports you to a specific coordinate, "/tp FrannyPack_" teleports you to FrannyPack_. 

The ip:


With Hats you can use the command "/hat" while holding an item/block, this will replace your helmet slot with the item/block.

NEW! Chairs

The ability to sit in a chair made of stairs with signs as arms or chairs with corner stairs as arms.